I never expected that today would be the special day.
My wedding ceremony had been moved into a week earlier since Bapak’s health condition has been becoming worse. I have to cope with this situation. Lutfi also has to do the same.

White kebaya was replaced with a moslem dress.
Venue of ceremony was replaced with one small room where Bapak hospitalized.
The flowers decoration was replaced with white curtain of hospital bed.
Marble table and wooden chairs were replaced with plastic ones.

It was not ideal and very far from my expectation, however what I just felt was beyond any words I could use. I never thought this level of happiness could be achieved only by a simple ceremony. This isn’t about the perfect outfit, venue or decoration, it’s about marrying the right man.

If I had to do this all over again, I’d still choose him, Lutfi Ahadi Arianto. It’s official, I am now a wife of this guy.